Chapter 6

Satan’s Judgment

The Origin and Purpose of Evil
The Significance of 666


Satan's Historical Judgments

God restricts Satan’s rebellion to the prescribed limits required to fulfill His plan for human spiritual growth and redemption. Satan wants to destroy everything, but the Creator’s plan provides for the development free choice of righteous character in the face of many temptations including the lusts of the flesh, greed, abuse of power and other evils.

Satan is forced to share the Daleth dimension with mortal people because God is stronger and more powerful than His created rebel. Satan can only “create” by destruction, by the dissipation and devolution of energy because he is the void of all rather than the source of all. Thus, he can only control a person’s destiny and prevent his salvation by subjecting our lives to lies, oppression, deceit or the encouragement of rebellion and self-reliance apart from God. His power lies in death and fear because all fears are rooted in the fear of death. (Hebrews 2:14-16)

Satan works in opposition to life and faith, but the appearance of his ways seems otherwise to human nature. As the former angel of light, Satan often entices with what seem to be “blessings” of healing, spirituality, power, sensual satisfaction, wealth and enlightenment from the perspective of the wisdom of this material age, but they are traps that imprison the flesh to the destruction of the spirit. The Enemy will not stop trying to destroy as many people as possible, but he cannot win the outcome. God allows him to do so within the limits of the Zayin and Cheth Ages of human history’s 6,000 years (from 4004 BC to AD 2015). He is not always successful as he must battle against godly people who are called the saints, who are under God’s protection to carry out the divine plan.

chronological Age Alignment

1st Judgment of Satan, Waw Age (before 4068 BC)

The first correction occurred when Satan was fired from his job as an Archangel in the third heaven of God’s throne. Satan and the other fallen angels or demons remain in what the Bible refers to as the Second Heaven. They function at a higher energy level than material things. From an earthly perspective of time and matter, Satan and his allies retain their metaphysical essence so that they seem as supernaturally powerful gods to mortals.

The Bible calls him the god of this world, yet his power and authority over the earth must conform to God’s laws and will. Therefore, Satan is not all powerful, but he is extremely skillful in finding ways to circumvent the existing order. People are in the middle, not very educated, powerful or bright. Humans are exposed to the principles and pulls of good and evil as we struggle for survival in a competitive world that usually keeps us too busy to address our spiritual commission from God, which is to work out our salvation in the midst of controversy.

God’s plan existed in the sixth age (Waw), which occurred before the history of the human race began in 4068 BC. Around 4004 BC, Satan interfered with God’s plan. He came to Eve disguised as a beautiful upright-walking serpent, and she believed his deadly mixture of truth and lie. Satan’s deception led both Eve and Adam into sin by eating from the Tree of the Knowledge Good and Evil contrary to God’s command.

This bad choice put all humanity under Satan’s control transforming natural human inclinations from a righteous, divine-centered disposition to a fallen, self-centered one. Human nature is driven by self-preservation in reaction to the death sentence received for this original sin. That first sin cut all people off from God’s intimate fellowship and sustaining life-energy from the Heh dimension of eternity.

Next, the original sin also resulted in Adam and Eve being driven out of the Garden of Eden, which was an island from the Heh dimension as we explained in Apocalypse Prophesied, Chapter 4. God’s mercy toward us prevented them from eating from the Tree of Life. If they had, then I believe people would have become like Satan who is doomed without any hope of redemption or transformation. If a person’s sinful condition is not redeemable, then he or she would have to live eternally separated from God’s domain in an empty darkness without purpose.

Because God loves the mortal sons and daughters He has created, we have the opportunity for another chance to escape the mortal bonds of the Daleth dimension of time and death to enter the Heh dimension of eternal life through Jesus, the Mediator between God and humans. (Colossians 1:13-23) In faith we must turn from fleeing death to embracing it in a repentance that commits us to serving God. In saying we are sorry and asking for His help, God forgives us and sends His Spirit to abide in us. This restores us to the road towards the full fellowship enjoyed by Adam and Eve with their Creator.

This grace of God in Messiah is one of the greatest truths of the Bible. Because we are children of Adam and Eve, we have never seen God. We have not personally or physically talked to Him, nor have we been in paradise. Instead, we must believe God without seeing Him. That is called faith. Regardless of all that Satan has succeeded in, God’s promise still exists for each person to seize in belief despite what we or others have done or thought in the past. Even after thousands of years of evil, suffering and spiritual confusion, God’s plan for humanity remains an open door in the face of Satan’s deceits and destruction.

Since the violation of God's commandment, all people must live under the dominion of Satan, who became god of this age of Zayin and Cheth. Adam’s sinful surrender of his right to rule earth left him a laborer of mortal necessity. Because Adam followed Satan’s lead, he was no longer king exercising dominion over the earth, but the slave of his appetites.

God promised a future seed of Eve who would crush Satan’s head. Now, Satan did not know when that seed would come in history, so he has constantly devised schemes to prevent it. When Eve gave birth to Cain, her firstborn, she thought that it would be the promised Redeemer, but it soon became obvious that Cain was not a very obedient child and would not qualify. Her next son, Able, was a godly boy, and God favored him. That created a bit of jealousy within Cain, and Satan moved in to use Cain to destroy Abel, who might be the promised Redeemer.

Perhaps Satan believed that he had stopped God back then with Abel’s death. This might partly explain why the pre-Flood civilization so quickly degenerated: Satan let loose all of his destructive strategies in the false confidence gained from these early victories. Little did he know that God would use His rebellious evil behavior to purposefully infect all of humanity for six thousand years after Eden. God’s desire is for billions of spiritually pure children so He must test every one of us by the experience of evil so that we immediately recognize and deeply reject it. Without this immunization process we cannot be promoted back into the Heh dimension and live forever.

Satan’s role in the fall of humanity showed his utter contempt for God's creation. Satan's permission to rule over the nations will both reach its climax and end during the Apocalypse. The allusion to the victorious “seed” prophesied to Adam and Eve will be symbolically carried forward to Antichrist.

During the Apocalypse, Satan will experience his greatest military defeat at the hands of his contemporary Archangel Michael, who comes against the rebels in the name of Jesus/Yeshua. After the battle of Armageddon, his greatest defeat in the Daleth dimension, Satan will be bound in chains and put in the darkest prison to test nations and individuals no more. God’s plan for humanity moves into a new age, the Teth Age, when people wrestle only with their natural selfishness and fleshly desires.

In the Teth Age mortals will not be able to excuse their sins by blaming external evils beyond a person’s choosing. Social excuses like being born in an evil culture or of being confused by so many religions simply will not exist because God’s Kingdom will be visibly apparent then as will the righteous saints. There will not be any competing gods or religions. Those saints from before and living now, who overcome this evil age and our Enemy by the blood of Messiah in believing faith, will have been resurrected in eternal bodies of glory and power. They will rule under the King of Kings as priestly kings in a reign of service to the mortal citizens of the new age, who will grow spiritually through daily interaction with a loving God.

World Cuckoo Clock

2nd Judgment of Satan, Zayin Age 2288 BC

The second judgment occurs 1,715 years after the first – at the time of the Flood in 2288 BC. From Satan’s perspective it was judgment day, big time. During the first human civilization, Satan had managed to persuade many of his angels to join him in a vile attempt to totally sabotage God’s creation. The Bible records direct angelic interference with human genetics.

In the dim mists of the Waw Age beginning Satan watched God create the planet we live on. He observed how life was made up of billions of genes which are like bricks used to build a house. Each of these “bricks” possesses a code of intelligence embedded in it. Every biological organism is built out of genes, which become living cells when empowered by the energy of an invisible breath of God. These genes operate both individually and collectively according to the designed functions necessary to propagate life and maintain it within the original Creation environment. We dwell on a living earth and not just a chance rock void of any intelligent design that supposedly evolved from the nothingness of space, as Satan’s lie of evolution would have us to believe.

Through the ages, Satan has plotted against God, and one strategy he has consistently deployed is to destroy the physical environment in order to make it inhospitable to righteous life or any life at all. He used the vast knowledge he learned from watching God create the world to influence many angels in the heavenly Heh dimension to join his cunning plan to take over the government and throne of God. Satan strives to defeat God by destroying the established order in the universe and all mortal life on this planet earth in particular.

Since God had told Satan that a “seed” of Eve would replace him, Satan immediately set about to corrupt the human seed. He introduced angels from the Heh dimension to the daughters of Adam and Eve. Through some kind of perverse sexuality, these angels effected reproductive manipulation of the natural human genes to produce offspring called “Nephilim” or giants. These superhuman beings seemed born (cloned perhaps?) without conscience, being totally evil through and through.

In the “days of Noah” - the last days before the Flood, it was literally like hell on earth. All godly order and civilized law established during Adam’s life became unglued. The streets were filled with violence and acts of terrorism, such as we are too familiar with today – only worse.

Enoch was born to the seventh generation from Adam. He belonged to the godly party of that civilization. Enoch and the few like him lived as righteous salt among a perverse generation. It was a role similar to that experienced today by those few Christians and Jews who actually believe in, and try to live by, the Bible. Before the Flood the “Bible” was a collection of God’s oracles relating Adam’s experience with God and the history of his early descendants as they came along. It told the story of the garden experiences and the beginning of the human journey through the Zayin Age of strife. It was written in the original Hebrew language which everybody spoke right up until the Flood. There was no confusion of languages until the Tower of Babel some years afterwards.

Enoch prophesied that God would come to judge the earth with a holy host of angels by the tens of thousands to make an end to evil. We know now that what Enoch foresaw will come about in our day and not his. When God decided to take action and intervene in the affairs of the First Civilization, He did so to save His creation. He chose to destroy the whole earth with a massive Flood because most of the people and animals had become corrupt in their genetic make-up. It had not required much more than a couple of generations to mix and match genes until almost everything had become contaminated. This condition reminds me of today’s insane rush to release genetically modified organisms into our modern environment, which is already stressed by our greedy abuse of its natural resources.

God was planning 120 pre-Flood years ahead when He gave orders to Noah to build a submarine-like boat that could ferry enough genetically sound people and animals to the other side of the Flood in order to restore His creation. God knew in advance when the proper time would arrive. The ark possessed an unusual design suitable only for a massive flood with huge tsunami waves. It was given to Noah from Heaven and built miles away from any ocean. Thus, the building of ark itself became a living witness and warning for 120 years that God would make an end to that civilization. Through this means, He would preserve some unpolluted human “seed” so that the promised Redeemer, the Second Adam, could arrive at the proper time to save all humanity and re-establish the animal life as well.

Many animals had been genetically changed as a result of demonic attempts at “creation” by messing with the building blocks of life. Archaeology provides numerous witnesses to their evil efforts that are found in the ancient art and architectural ruins of many ancient civilizations. From stone statues to wall paintings, ancient cultures depict fantastic beings of composite body parts from fish, bulls, horses, eagles and lions. The ancients told myths about mermaids, minotaurs, centaurs, griffins and sphinxes - among others. Some of these images may be from visions of fallen or even righteous angels, but I firmly believe that they also tell the story of ancient genetic manipulation. (Read Ezekiel Chapter 1 for a description of angels.)

These strange creatures are not figments of my imagination, but scientific evidence from ancient cultures. These ancient works of art reflect a scientific reality that can once again be duplicated in our laboratories today. The media no longer show these secret genetic aberrations because they create fear and outrage in the public eye so they are forbidden in America. But that does not mean that this kind of distorted research does not continue – especially in foreign laboratories.

In my life I have seen pictures of double-headed sheep, for example. Fifteen years ago I saw one with an extra head positioned at the rear of the sheep where the tail should have been. On TV I have seen children born without legs or arms. In America Congress has debated over whether genetically manipulate human organs and appendages could be harvested from laboratory “farms” where a fetus would be grown to a certain development stage and then “disassembled” to provide internal body parts to patients needing transplants.

The basic question, “Would these fetuses be considered human under the present law?” is debated even as science marches on with its amoral experiments. The principles of this business of bioengineering organs for transplant was compared to and contrasted with the status of fetuses according to abortion laws. In the latter case redeveloped or underdeveloped fetuses are not considered human; therefore, they do not have the protection of law or the right to life.

We do not live in Noah’s time, but I hope you get the picture. Many of the ancient Greek, Roman and German myths tell stories of half-human supernatural beings. They were worshiped as gods, which implies that they belong to a higher level than mortals. These gods and demigods engaged in constant fighting and wars with each other. This is typical of life under Satan‘s domain.

We are not very far away from being overpowered by our own creations. The classic tale of Frankenstein warns us that our mis-creations will become bigger than us – their “creator” scientists. I have not watched the latest Hollywood movies in making these comments; rather my observations come from the scientific journals I have read to keep current in what’s happening in the biological disciplines of experiment and discovery.

As Noah finished the ark, God brought animals that were still genetically sound in accordance with the laws established at the original creation. These animals came in pairs, male and female and were led to the ark. God closed the doors of His specially designed boat and carried them over to another time period to preserve original life and begin the Second Civilization.

If God had not done this, Satan could have said, “I won! I am more powerful than God! You can’t even protect your own creation!” In this and many other ways he would have mocked God and laughed all the way to hell.

Was God ignorant of this forbidden activity? Was He surprised at how fast man would join in this rebellion? We do read that God was sorry that He had made man with the capacity for so much violence and destructive knowledge. Just like today, if God had left humanity alone back then, they would have destroyed themselves and the creation at the same time. After the Flood, God confused the language of the survivors’ descendants in order to slow down their technological development. His plan worked because it took over a thousand years just to rediscover how to make iron again – a process that was known to Adam.

But let us look at the Flood from Satan’s perspective. Think about it. He had to watch all his plans get washed away. His whole civilization was totally broken, and his armies of Nephilim and demons were destroyed. The worst fallen angels were rounded up and chained in an underworld prison never to freely roam the earth again. (Read 2Peter Chapter 2 for a good discussion on this.) So after the Flood, Satan had to start over again, too. He had to devise new strategies to defy God and mess-up His plan for humanity. We have learned a little history about Satan in this book, as well as what lies ahead for him.

Our present civilization has not learned these important lessons from antiquity. That is why all of us must go through the long prophesied Apocalypse. Like Noah’s day, today’s scientists have again learned how to genetically modify God’s creation. Our modern society is screwing up every known vegetable and animal that offers them a chance to make a buck. The end will be self-inflicted global destruction if God does not step in to stop Satan’s plans for the annihilation of humanity. This second time around it will be a thousand years of jail time for him and our cherished but corrupt human civilization will again be totally destroyed.

Through the exponentially accelerating acquisition of knowledge, modern man has begun to use his godlike powers to create our own haphazard bio-monstrosity of an ecosystem gone wrong and headed for its destruction. It seems like nothing can be withheld from human imagination. Modern science provides the powers sought by ancient magicians and Satan himself – the power over life and death without dependence on God and His law of love.

This newfound power has blinded us from seeing that we are destroying our own home. It is like we are cutting off the branch we are sitting on. This is how Satan thinks. The angels corrupted themselves and rebelled against the order of God’s rule. They left the Heh dimension to possess human bodies. To them, possession is the demonic imitation of a resurrection. It is something that can only take place in the Daleth dimension because the Second Law of Thermodynamics, entropy, basically states that conversions of energy can only go from a higher to a lower level, never the other way.

Also as in Noah’s day, God has given modern society a time of warning and grace for individuals to repent. Scientists generally do not know this because they refuse to read the Bible. I believe that the Bible also gives us a definite window in time of 2008-2015 for the Apocalypse. This time there is no boat to build so we do not have 120 years to wait. I am sorry if this news inconveniences you, but that seems to be the facts.

This time God will use fire to destroy our rebellious, self-sufficient civilization. That fire will purify His creation of the genetically modified animal and plant life because it is the only way to deal with the problem of genetically mixed organisms - unless you have a flood again. But God said that would not happen. Instead, Jesus prophesied that the end times will have frequent earthquakes, tsunamis and unusual weather conditions. With each passing year these will become more severe in intensity until they reach a climax ending with the Apocalypse.

Read my second book, Mystery of Tammuz 17, to find out what will happen. You will learn more about how God will permit Satan, through Antichrist, will lead Heh dimension demon armies to possess rebellious peoples for five months. This will create an army of “immortals” or “Shock Troops” that can fight in both the Daleth and Heh dimensions at the same time. This amazing terror will be an indirect outpouring of God’s wrath by permission. God is going to lift many restrictions off Satan. He is going to let humanity really experience what life is like under their chosen god, the fallen Lucifer. Since we will not learn the easy way, we will soon get the opportunity to learn these vital lessons the hard way before Satan is finally chained in the abyss of the underworld for a thousand years.

3rd Judgment of Satan in Zayin Age AD 33

In the Hebrew Number Alphabet System Gimel (3) means "divine completeness.” The fateful events of Satan’s future defeat occur on two levels or in two dimensions. In the Daleth dimension we notice an apparent setback when the promised Redeemer, Jesus Christ, was crucified in AD 33. Satan greatly rejoiced in his apparent victory. He believed that he engineered the whole thing! He had stirred up a crowd of religious zealots to frenzy and even used their respected religious leaders to cause the execution of their own Redeemer. “What blind fools these Jews are!” he gloated.

Foretold by many prophets, Satan has never understood the resurrection, which was a new feature in God’s plan from creation. He forgot that God is an innovative problem solver. Satan thought that God would not change the plan He first related to the angels. Big mistake!

Little did Satan know that God was behind the outcome of Jesus’ mortal life on earth. I can only deduce that Satan had not figured out the seemingly irrational logic of the Second Adam’s death. (Read 1Corinthians 15.) In Satan’s mind he had eliminated the promised “seed” after failing to corrupt Him. The people had not risen up to anoint Yeshua as their Messiah King even after He had done thousands of miracles.

The Bible informs us that faithful angels, who are eager to understand God’s purpose and the meaning of the Scripture, can learn much by listening to what the Holy Spirit inspires mortal men to preach. (1Peter 1:10-12) God is all-knowing. Satan is not, although he would like you to believe that he is. Satan has made and will make many mistakes because he is blinded by his pride.

Jesus came into this world to make atonement for the sins of humanity. He was even born into line of David the king, which qualifies Him to reign over Israel as the promised Messiah. As the Second Adam, He will also reign over the entire earth as King of Kings. Thus, God breaks the stranglehold Satan has over mortals by the death of Jesus, the GodSon, on the cross. He rose victoriously on the third day, and after forty days He ascended back into Heaven. Revelation 5:1-14 tells of a grand meeting in Heaven before the Father in which Jesus Christ received a seven-sealed scroll.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ was a big defeat for Satan in the heavenlies. He was not even invited to that meeting. The sealed scroll is the title to the earth; it is similar to the document we receive when we buy a house. Jesus is now the legal owner of the earth including everything and everyone on it, under it and over it. (See Revelation 10:1-2.) Satan legally lost all the rights of possession he had stolen from Adam, the original owner. Jesus merely needs to return to claim His right to reign.

For almost six thousand years God has permitted Satan to exercise power over earth due to his successful deception of Adam and Eve. In their sin they became subject to Satan’s power of death making that fallen angel their lord until redemption. (Hebrews 2:14) Not much has changed since then with the Zayin Age being a time of constant strife, pain and wars.

Because of Adam's sin, all people are pre-appointed to die. (Hebrews 9:27) To some extent we are innocent victims of Satan's ploy against Eve, but we have all sinned by our own volition, too. (Romans 3:23) God's holiness demanded a blood payment for reconciliation. But God loves every one of us so He gave us the opportunity to escape Satan's iron grip. Jesus’ death and resurrection is God's only chosen method of making sinfully defiled humans holy. With the Messiah’s holiness as our own, we inherit the right to live and be acceptable in God's presence and will never experience the Second Death.

Jesus' death and resurrection began the fulfillment of Genesis 3:15. He broke the devil's power of death that holds the human race captive under his dominion by the fear of death. (Hebrews 2:14-16) A person’s free will acceptance or rejection of the Jesus’ atoning death is an eternal life or death decision. The collective effect of these individual decisions determines who belongs to the God and who belongs to Satan. (Colossians 1:13-14)

In Revelation 20 we learn that all of the people who have ever lived will stand before the Great White Throne to be judged. If your name is found in the Book of Life, then you are co-owner with the GodSon in the sealed scroll that gives ownership title to the earth. We are born as bondservants belonging to the Daleth dimension of God’s creation, but we can be adopted as sons of the Heh dimension through the price paid by the precious blood of Jesus.

Jesus’ sacrificial death and resurrection set us free from slavery of sin when we repent. When we die to self, we mystically participate in the crucifixion. Through subsequent faith in God’s promise, the Holy Spirit comes to live within us, which provides the means for our future participation in the first resurrection. We shall be changed just as He was resurrected. By faith in God’s mercy and power in our lives, we become heirs of the eternal royalty according to the plan established before the earth was formed. You cannot have it any better.

This is why the Bible warns us to not let anything or anyone hinder our return to God. The Bible teaches that family relationships are very important, but neither mother, father, mate nor children should keep us from our inheritance in Messiah Yeshua. Unless we choose Christ above all, we are not worthy to be a part of His kingdom. He wants His children totally committed against the spiritual powers of darkness and the evil in the power of the air commanded by Satan, the Prince of the power of the air. (Ephesians 2:2) One can not compromise fellowship with God by dealing with the devil at the same time. God has graciously given us His written Bible and the Holy Spirit that together tutor and empower us to overcome evil and to inherit the Kingdom of God.

4th Judgment of Satan in Cheth Age 2008-2015

This judgment marks what will happen on earth (4 = Daleth, "this world in this time") and in Heaven (5 = Heh, “the other side”) during the Apocalypse (2008-2015). Michael, the mightiest angel in the universe, and his host will fight a victorious war against all unholy angels, demons and other unknown spirits in the universe and Heaven. They will remove all evil from those many places in order to make ready for the announcement that the Kingdom of God is born in the Heh dimension. It will arrive on earth after the Apocalypse. (Revelation 12:7-10; 11:15)

We notice that the heavenly Apocalypse will occur during the 7th Period of the Great Apocalypse on earth, which ends on 21 December 2012. This coincides with the Aztec Calendar’s prediction of the end of the world after over five thousand years. It is also corroborated in the equally as old Chinese zodiac calendar as described earlier.

In the 7-Year Table of the Apocalypse, Satan's access to Heaven ends in the shaded 7th Period. Satan and his demons will never be permitted access to Heaven again because they no longer exist after being thrown into the lake of fire. After the Apocalypse their rebellious behavior will have no further usefulness to God. Because they cannot be trusted, fallen angels can only perform an indirect function in God’s plan as “infectious agents” with the potential to impart immunity in people against evil. Our painfully felt human experience of evil builds up an innate rejection of the devil’s devious lies and ways in the repentant person.

Since they serve no further purpose, the fallen angels are terminated, but Satan's job on earth will run a little longer only because God has appointed it so from the beginning. In fact Satan will intensify his destructive wrath upon the earth and its inhabitants after being cast out of Heaven. He is the pre-ordained executioner of unrepentant mankind during the earthly Apocalypse. After He has done His work, Jesus will return, and Satan will be chained and isolated for a thousand years in a deep abyss. (Revelation 20:3)

5th Judgment of Satan in Teth Age 2018-3018

At the end of the millennial reign of Christ on earth (in AD 3018), Satan will be released from his prison (the abyss). Unchanged in his insane hatred, he will violently rebel one last time in unrepentant opposition to God. He will stir up the peaceful society of all nations and embroil them in revolution against the existing godly order, but his hordes will be defeated. Satan will then be cast into the lake of fire permanently ending all evil influence on earth and in Heaven. He will never be remembered again. (Revelation 20:10)

A final question needs to be answered, “Why do the nations rebel at the end of 1,000 years of peace and wonderful blessings for all under God’s kingdom reign on earth?” We cannot suspect corrupt government in this case!

Looking back on the 6,000 years of Zayin Age history, people could say that it was Satan and his evil influence that caused all the trouble in the world. But during the 1,000 years of peace on earth, God had Satan chained in the underworld away from having any influence in human life. What happened? What possible excuse exists for another rebellion against a loving God who will have bountifully blessed mankind for 1,000 years?

Sin is the only answer. It is a core characteristic of human nature. Sin will always look for an opportunity to express itself. Human nature must be changed to solve the eternal problems of society, and people can not do that for themselves. We must submit to God in faith in order for our nature to be transformed into one of pure, eternally reliable love as God defines love. Under those circumstances sin and rebellion are impossible.

The Saints dwelling in the heavenly Jerusalem learned all about that in their previous mortal life – the caterpillar stage of the butterfly analogy. At the end of the millennium, here comes that same lesson again. It is the most important one to learn: the first and the last.

The very nature of sin is to oppose God’s order. The natural heart of humans is “deceitful above all things, who can know it.” (Jeremiah 17:9) It is most deceitful to ourselves. It is a deeply internal manner that can be hidden by external behavior – especially in an environment of social and cultural righteousness. How many pastor’s children have gotten into the worst trouble?

Satan is loosed for a short season at the end of the millennium. He acts like a garbage magnet because if there is any internal pride or other secret sin left in a person, it will react immediately and favorably to Satan’s charisma and deceptions. The saints who will govern the universe must learn the final lesson of being able to discern the heart difference and to have no tolerance for anything less than divine perfection in character – no matter how painful that lesson may be.

In the final and surprisingly massive rebellion against God, they will witness a new development on earth. After 1,000 years of peace and blessings the rapid and vehement rebellion will surprise them greatly. Perplexed, they will recognize good friends among the rebels who had been part of the mortal leadership on earth. It will be a déjà vu Zayin Age all over again.

With Satan’s last but hopelessly futile “hurrah” the saints will now fully understand how Lucifer’s first rebellion affected the Creator. There will be no shred of doubt that God’s plan for humanity was the best and only way for humans to grow up spiritually into the fullness of God’s love. They will have no doubts that the terrible sufferings and trials people have endured for 6,000 years, and especially during the Apocalypse, were the wisest and most merciful educational system God could use to expand His kingdom in righteousness.

Now the GodFather and the GodSon can delegate full authority to His redeemed GodChildren of the Spirit as the New Heavens and New Earth are created. Sin will not be found there, and God will never again be dishonored. This new creation will be able to abide forever because without sin there will be no death or destruction!

Learning this final lesson makes it possible for Eternity to move everything into the higher level (Jod) because it is now safeguarded by a corporate spiritual body who has been vaccinated against any future aberration outside God’s perfect nature. Rebellion and its consequential evil will be impossible,

Call on the name of Jesus Christ now, and ask forgiveness so that you can:

The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come.”
And let the one who hears say, “Come.”
And let the one who is thirsty come;
And let the one who desires take the water of life without price.
(Revelation 22:17 RSV)

The Number 666

For generations Christians have wondered about the number 666. There have been many interpretations in the past. I will add another one for your consideration. The apostle John saw a "beast coming out of the earth," which we identified as the Antichrist, "the man of lawlessness" who will appear during the last half of the Apocalypse:

Then I saw another beast that rose out of the earth; it had two horns like a lamb and it spoke like a dragon. (Revelation 13:11 NRSV)

In Revelation 13:16-18 this beast is personified with the number 666 and is identified with Satan residing in an incarnated human body. This strange coexistence of a heavenly being within a human person has only one other similar correlation in history: the Lord Jesus. This passage states that the number must be calculated in order to become a reality:

Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell who does not have the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name. This calls for wisdom: let anyone with understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a person. Its number is six hundred sixty-six. (Revelation 13:16-18 NRSV)

The number 666 contains three digits, which represent three domains. The first domain is outside our world somewhere in the universe where God lives. God is surrounded by angels, which are on a higher level than man. Peter, inspired by the Holy Spirit, said they are greater in power and might than we are. (2Peter 2:11)

The Antichrist of the last half of the Apocalypse will become an in-between creature - an angel-man, who operates on a separate level than either angels or humans. God did not create this deviant state of both Daleth and Heh dimensions merged as one, and He condemns it. As a matter of fact the angel-men that existed before the Flood are presently chained in the underworld waiting the final judgment day. They will all be destroyed without mercy. They cannot ever be redeemed. They are outside of God's permissible will, being the spiritual cancers of creation.

And the angels who did not keep their own position, but left their proper dwelling, he has kept in eternal chains in deepest darkness for the judgment of the great Day. (Jude 6 NRSV)

Let me sum up the statements made in the book of Revelation regarding the Antichrist who bears this mysterious number:

  1. A future world government system will come out of the earth. ("The earth" represents a specific number of people who can be numbered.)
  2. A king (a human body indwelled by Satan, identified with two horns, symbolizing divine attributes), identified as the Antichrist, will govern that system.
  3. The whole world will be astonished. Since they have never witnessed a resurrection, they will follow this leader blindly.
  4. The world's educational system will still teach that heaven does not exist, nor do angels. Consequently, it is ludicrous to believe in Satan (a mythical figure). The so-called war in
    Heaven, where he is supposed to be cast out, is seen as just a fable.
  5. The people within this world religious and political system will blaspheme God and slander His name.

The Hebrew numbering system writes the number 666 as (100 x 6) + 60 + 6. The three domains represented could be compared graphically using three circles: an outer circle, a middle one and a center. If we pull the circles apart, the three domains could be displayed as follows:


The First Circle

The first and biggest circle is the Aleph domain. It contains the number one hundred (100), which can be expressed as 10 2. The little two (2) means "squared." Property is recorded in square feet. When you purchase property, your name is added to the deed, which identifies you as the owner of that domain.

The Hebrew numbering systems identifies the number one (1) with Aleph, meaning "the eternal, infinite God." The three digits in the number 100 indicate that it belongs to the third domain, which is the highest. This is the domain where God lives.

The Hebrew numbering system identifies the number two (2) with Beth, which means "house." The two (2) in this formula (10 2) expresses that God, who is infinite unapproachable light, reveals Himself in the Beth dimension: the physical universe, which is our home.

The First Bridge

The number six (6) between the first two circles is like a bridge connecting the two domains. The number six represents waw, which means "connect" but can also mean "manifestation of sin" or "weakness of men." This illustrates the idea of God crossing a bridge to enter the time dimension in order to be linked with the domain of Satan. This reveals His purpose for this fallen world of sin and corruption.

The Middle Circle

The middle circle contains the number sixty (60), which means Samech, the serpent. This circle represents Satan's domain, which is on earth where we live and die. In the Garden of Eden, Satan walked upright before the highest throne in heaven. After the fall of man his domain (the earth) became cursed, and he had to walk on his belly and eat dust. (Genesis 3:14) He is now invisible on earth, but his influence is everywhere. According to the first prophecy of the Bible, a foot (Jesus Christ) will crush his head.

The Second Bridge

The second number six (6) connects Satan's domain with humanity.

The Last Circle

Notice that the last circle is empty. There is no number there because it is still being created. The structure of the number 666 cannot be fully calculated yet because it is missing something. Let's find the missing link.

666 or 888?

If your name is recorded in the Book of Life, you have been given a special name by God Himself. (Revelation 20:11-15) Each letter of your name has a corresponding number value attached to it. If you have a special God-given name, the empty circle at the end of the above diagram can be filled in with the numerical value for that name.Adding this number to 666 will change it to 888, a number beyond the dominion of Satan and outside the judgment of that domain.

Jesus' name in Greek is spelled IESOUS. The numerical equivalents of the letters are as follows:

I = 10

E = 8

S = 200

O = 70

U = 400

S = 200



The number eight (8) means "a new beginning." The number 888 represents a new beginning on three levels, a coming together of all God has planned for the world. This number means "the first resurrection saints." Jesus said that He is the resurrection and the life. No one can come to the Father but by Him.

Then I saw a great white throne and the one who sat on it; the earth and the heaven fled from his presence, and no place was found for them.

And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened. Also another book was opened, the book of life.

And the dead were judged according to their works, as recorded in the books. And the sea gave up the dead that were in it, Death and Hades gave up the dead that were in them, and all were judged according to what they had done. Then Death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire.

This is the second death, the lake of fire; and anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire. (Revelation 20:11-15 NRSV)

The last pages of the Bible speak of books being opened. If your name is recorded in the Book of Life, your corresponding number (888) will be the same number as Jesus' name and a coming together of all He has planned.

This special number will qualify you to enter the great blessings of the future world. You will become one with God, just as Jesus said, "I am in the Father and the Father is in me." (John 14:10 NRSV) Since all true believers are children of God, we will be materially transformed into an eternal substance becoming unified with God, the Creator of all.

Is Your Name in the Book?

If your name is not recorded in the Book of Life, you will not have a new name. You will be nameless in the spiritual dimension. Your last circle remains empty. Therefore your number is 666, the beast's number, and you will join him in the second death.

Understanding the number 666 is a matter of life and death for each person on earth. The Bible proclaims with urgency that men need to respond to God and receive mercy before it is too late. No one will have an excuse. Every knee shall bow and acknowledge Him.

I gladly bow now before my Creator, of my own free will and thank Him for His indescribable gift:

Eternal Life!

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