Why an Apocalypse?

Setting the Stage


The Apocalypse is an intense seven-year transitional period of global trials and tribulations that will take place between our present civilization and God’s new civilization of peace and prosperity for all people. The Apocalypse will make visible the final phase of God's plan to reconcile a world full of deceived people to Himself. However, the events of the Apocalypse focus on the Creator’s specific promises regarding the children and land of Israel.

Why a Seven-Year Apocalypse on Earth?

As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. (Matthew 24:37-39)

Jesus’ words predict that our present world system will end in global destruction. Why would God want to put an end to humankind? Is it because of all our wars? Is our society that bad? Have we overpopulated the earth? Do we have too many corrupt governments? Is science the problem?

Science has benefited humanity with many laborsaving inventions, but it has also produced the atomic bomb and other biological-chemical methods of massive destruction and death. Who knows what might be next?

Humankind has always challenged God. Just like the days of Noah, today’s civilization resists, rejects and rebels against God. In 2288 bc The Creator destroyed the first civilization and cleansed the world with water in order to save the earth from a human plague of sinful greed, violence and pride. Shortly after that, God purposefully confused the families of man with many languages so that technical development would be slowed. (Genesis 11:5-9)

Driven by Satan’s consuming desire to eliminate humanity and destroy God’s entire creation, our modern technological advances seriously violate God's harmonious principles found in nature. Humanity’s greed and willful rebellion against God's guidance combine to corrupt our present explosion in knowledge to pollute the earth with potentially permanent consequences. Only an Apocalypse can stop this madness.

Without God’s intervention - without an Apocalypse, something unscrupulously evil looms on the horizon that threatens to destroy all life on earth as we know it. I challenge you to pick up any science magazine and look at the "advances" of our time from God's perspective. Upon reflection you will begin to understand why God Himself must take strong action to save this earth from becoming a dead planet like the moon.

Here is just one important example of our dangerous scientific “progress.” Popular Science magazine published an article by Dan Ferber entitled "Something Funny Down on the Pharm." In it Ferber states, "The battle over genetically modified food is over; supercrops won." Crops designed to yield drugs and vaccines have begun slipping into our food supply. No one knows if they are safe, and everyone involved seems to have something to hide.

Just a few statistics from this article will give you some idea of where this world is heading:

Pharm crops are made by inserting human and animal genes into edible plants such as corn, peanuts and soybeans as a way to biologically manufacture complex drugs. These pharmacological vegetables have never been tested for safety because humans were never intended to eat them, but stray foreign proteins from genetically designed pharm crops have already escaped from “controlled” areas to contaminate animal feed. The potential for these dangerous chemicals to get into the food chain through the flesh of animals prepared as food for humans is unmeasured, but very real.

Many crops come from flowers or flowering plants. Flowers produce pollen for the purpose of fertilization and reproduction. Food crops reproduce by self-pollination and/or by using pollen from other plants, which can travel long distances. Pollen from pharm crops, which may contain genetically inserted pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs or even industrial chemicals are almost impossible to contain. Winds, birds, deer and rainwater flowing into rivers can move these contaminated seeds hundreds of miles. In time they will alter every food crop under the sun.

Then God said, "Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds." And it was so. The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good. And there was evening, and there was morning—the third day. (Genesis 1:11-13)

I recently read a Discover magazine article entitled "Terminator Genes: Here's Another Fine Mess Biotechnology Has Gotten Us Into." The author describes another horror story:

The Delta and Pine Land Company . . . is working on something of a time bomb in the world of farming—a terminator gene.

Plants equipped with a terminator gene grow up just like other plants, with one crucial exception—farmers can't grow anything from the seed they produce. This feat of genetic engineering has caused a world-class ruckus. . . The terminator gene—known by its makers as the Technology Protection System—is either a great safeguard against possible hazards in the brave new world of biotechnology or a threat to the world food supply. . .

The scope of the problem is unimaginably vast: More than 1 billion people rely on saved seed in developing countries each year. Two-thirds of the population of sub-Saharan Africa subsist on small, low-production farms. Critics contend that once terminator technology takes hold, it will become tied to every other improvement in plant development, so farmers who are unwilling or unable to pay for new seed will be stuck with outdated, inferior varieties. . .

Pat Mooney [is] executive director of the ETC Group, an advocacy organization in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Even if terminator-seed purchases are subsidized, he says, dependence on them could become devastating. "When the foreign aid dries up, terminator companies back out, leaving no grain."

In the Old Testament, God's people were forbidden to crossbreed cattle, sow fields with different kinds of seeds or wear garments made of mixed material. (Leviticus 19:19) Gene-splicing manipulations are at least as harmful to our healthas bad diet choices, if not many times more so.

Scientists are altering every original food-producing seed that God made and pronounced "good." Gene-splicing manipulations set in motion through a technological chain reaction could permanently alter the naturally balanced genetic design of thousands of insect species as well as other animal and plant life. Profit and greed without social awareness are the trademarks of Satan's philosophy.

Our earth is at a crossroads of utter biological ruin. The world system is on an unavoidable collision course of self-destruction. Many nations are fighting for survival as food and oil become increasingly unavailable for large segments of the world’s population. Many of these struggles for survival are manifested as religious conflicts between different ethnic groups.

There appears to be no way to reverse the destructive direction in which our planet is headed. The Apocalypse must come to stop this madness before all of God's original vegetables are genetically changed and disappear from this earth.

To give a quick perspective of the ecological condition that our earth is in, I would like to extract some statistics from a map entitled "A World Transformed," which appeared in the September 2002 issue of National Geographic magazine.

Oceans at Risk. Nearly 60 percent of our coral reefs are threatened by human actions. Some 70 percent of major commercial fish stocks have been depleted, overfished or exploited beyond maximum sustainable yield.

Earth's Vulnerable Soils. Six to eight inches of topsoil is all that stands between much of the world and starvation. Yet each year a huge swath of agricultural land is lost to erosion, salinization and other forms of soil degradation. Degraded soils have lowered global food yields by 13 percent since World War II.

Missing Forests. Forests are the lungs of the planet. They capture vast amounts of carbon dioxide and release oxygen in exchange. Forests protect the soil, help keep water fresh and provide food and/or shelter for up to 90 percent of all terrestrial species. Half of the forests that stood 8,000 years ago have been destroyed.

Water Crisis. Water is the tie that binds every living thing. It is as vital to life as air, yet one third of the world's people live in countries where water supplies often don't meet demand. Renewable water is less than one tenth of one percent of all of the earth's water. Many of the world's great watersheds now suffer from pollution, overexploitation and political conflict.

The Air We Breathe. For millions of people around the world simply breathing has become risky business. An estimated three million people die annually from the effects of pollutants that result from the burning of fossil fuels. Children in the developing world's megacities are the hardest hit; they often inhale two to eight times the amount of pollutants deemed safe by the World Heath Organization.

Alien Invasion. Earth is quickly being taken over by hundreds of hardy, aggressive species of plants being spread either knowingly or accidentally by human hands. Such invaders cost the US nearly $140 billion a year in losses to agriculture, forestry, and other segments of the economy. These plant species are now considered the second greatest threat to native plants and animals after habitat destruction. Those two factors combined fuel extinction rates that are a hundred to a thousand times greater than normal. A quarter of all mammals and fish are now threatened, as are a fifth of reptiles and amphibians, and a tenth of all birds.

Energy Binge. At the dawn of the twenty-first century civilization still runs on the compost of distant-past fossil fuels. The burning of oil, natural gas, and coal provides 85 percent of the world's commercial energy and 80 percent of all human-caused carbon dioxide emissions. Energy demand has nearly doubled in the last three decades and is expected to increase another 60 percent by 2020.

This age of greed-driven Globalism has produced environmental changes for which no one is prepared. These rapid, chain-reaction economic changes intensify the polarization of ancient belief systems toward a total social and economic collapse. We are about to enter a time of worldwide political, economic and spiritual chaos in extremes never before experienced. No person or nation can or will escape it.

The historically Christian western world is perceived by most other nations as being governed according to materialistic values. Most Americans live in a realm of comfort, over-consumption, high income and easy credit. People in third-world countries often see the US as an oppressive military and commercial colossus with excesses of greed and moral decay.

On the opposite extreme the Islamic world suffers from retarded economic growth, a low standard of living and an educational backwardness unchanged for centuries. Ninety percent of Muslim women and girls are undereducated and kept in servitude, their voices silent. Although Islam teaches against the hoarding of wealth, it also provides little motivation to reduce the level of poverty suffered by most citizens of Islamic states.

The Islamic religion is now clashing with foreign worldviews outside their borders. Because of the Internet, television, and global tourism, Muslims are no longer shielded from outside influences. Millions have emigrated from Islamic nations to Europe and America in search of economic opportunity and political freedoms not found in their homelands.

This increasing exposure to western culture has created a militant backlash within the Arab world of dogmatic Islamic fundamentalist factions. Further, fueled by hatred against Zionism and Israel, these radical Islamic jihadists wage war against the Western humanism and global capitalism.

TThe signs of a collapsing American culture are all around us. The US Constitution is re-interpreted by a corrupt legal system to erase any reference to our true religious heritage. The authors of the constitution struggled to put in writing balanced principles of law to govern a people in the future. America is now on a destructive path to systematically undermine the Christian values that our founders wrote into the constitution. The Bible is now outlawed in the halls of public learning. The flag is openly dishonored and efforts are being waged to remove any rendering of "In God We Trust" from US currency.

In 1782 there was a shortage of Bibles in the newly independent American colonies, and the Congress of the United States adopted a resolution to import 20,000 Bibles in English. When that effort failed, Congress passed another resolution that authorized American patriot Robert Aitken to publish an English language Bible. Congress highly approved "the pious and laudable undertaking of Mr. Aitken" and recommended this Bible to all the inhabitants of the United States. Ten thousand copies of the Aitken Bible (also known as "The Bible of the American Revolution") were printed. Today, only thirty or forty are still around to prove that the founders of our nation were God-fearing people who submitted to the higher law of the God of Israel, though many did not even consider themselves “Good Christians.” .

A granite stone monument displaying the biblical Ten Commandments once sat inside a court rotunda in Montgomery, Alabama. The rotunda is a public place where lawyers, judges and legislators pass daily on their way to conduct business. This monument served as a constant reminder of the laws that have sustained Western civilization since its beginning—laws that have existed for thousands of years, such as: "Thou shall not bear false witness," "Thou shall not steal," "Thou shall not lie,” "Thou shall not covet," and "Thou shall not murder." These laws were fundamental to the formation of the US Constitution, yet on August 27, 2003 this monument was removed by court order.

A few atheistic lawyers and judges have succeeded in shanghaiing the American Constitution away from "We the People." They undermine our liberties with laws serving the greed and corruption of special interests, yet Americans have shown little resistance to these destructive philosophies.

Less than 100 years ago a Bolshevist Russian government created the communist Soviet Union, a minority government ruled by atheists. Then the fascist movement took over Italy, which in turn inspired the rise of Adolph Hitler in Germany. The Nazi government established ghettos, work camps and the systematic annihilation of an estimated 14,000,000 people, including about 6,000,000 Jewish people in concentration camps. The World War these fascists started destroyed most of the cities in Europe and Asia.

Today, America increasingly embraces similar godless laws in an effort to legalize the blatant moral decay of our present generation. We have legalized the killing of millions of innocent human beings simply because those lives are "inconvenient" and conflict with someone else's lifestyle. The disrespect for life shown by these assaults on defenseless human babies puts Hitler and Stalin in the shadows. America has killed millions of future scientists, musicians and political leaders. We have eliminated precious persons who could have helped solve America's (or the world's) problems.

While Christians watch on the sidelines, human body parts are harvested in abortion mills to be used for science experiments. The great irony is that this killing of defenseless persons is performed at no cost to the one who has the abortion, yet we pay millions of dollars in legal fees to prevent convicted murderers from going to prison. Our movies, organized crime and child pornography create anti-American animosity around the world. Millions of workers live just above starvation levels while American executives alter their accounting books to secure obscene profits for themselves.

The United States is still the biggest arms dealer in the world, and it regularly dumps its obsolete military equipment in the poorest countries. This dumping of surplus yet operational military arms and ordinance make possible dozens of dirty civil wars that destroy the infrastructure (water, sewer, electricity and bridges) of third-world nations. When these dirty “little” wars calm down a bit, the world’s corporate giants rebuild the destroyed utilities at high cost to the struggling governments and charge the common people high fees for infrastructural necessities. World bankers provide poor nations with loans because they have no other way to pay, so that these borrower nations fall under the control of the world’s wealthy elite.

God must deal with any nation or society according to His standard of holiness. America is no exception. He will punish at a national level for our societal evils, as well as holding key leaders particularly responsible. On an individual basis, God can be infinitely merciful when a person truly repents or changes his deeds. He binds up those who are injured and restores us for a future life. I find comfort in knowing that God in His great mercy forgives all our trespasses and offers us a better life to come.

It is your personal decision whether or not to repent. This step taken in faith permits God to forget your sins and apply the sacrifice Jesus made to pay for all our trespasses on the cross. Those who repent and seek God demonstrate their love for Him. In return, God will pronounce us acceptable and not guilty because the blood of His Son reconciles us and opens the door for the Holy Spirit to enter in and change our spiritual natures.

The Handwriting on the Wall

Many calling themselves Christians will perish in the years ahead; others will make it through. Just like in the days of Noah, a remnant will become the seed for a future human civilization on earth. Daniel 5:5-30 tells a story of handwriting on a wall. As the Babylonian king feasted, God’s finger wrote the following words on the wall:


Literally, this phrase is translated:

In the story Daniel explained to King Belshazzar the meaning of this message:

That message applies to our present generation as well. The present world system will be judged by the same rules as were applied to the first human civilization in the days of Noah. For thousands of years, the sun has provided energy free of charge. The seasons have operated uninterrupted, and the earth produced food with abundance. Yet man goes about his business without thanking the Lord for His provisions, living in defiance of God's oracles and denying His existence.

Our loving and patient God has predetermined a time for His wrath in order to cleanse the biological environment from our harmful tampering and teach us important lessons of eternal importance. Soon Satan will be permitted to operate on earth with few divine restraints for seven years. The depths of this fallen angel’s spiritual distortion will be manifested in human flesh with horrible consequences for every person alive. Because of this direct experience of deepest evil, millions will finally acknowledge the evils they have tolerated in the petty pursuit of their own lusts and or twisted desires. Humanity will learn the hard way that only God correctly defines genuine, lasting goodness and love.

These seven years of torment will be a time of severe distress for all nations. During the Apocalypse four main players will act out their assigned spiritual and political roles as predetermined by the Creator. The first is Satan. The second is Antichrist and the present atheistic political world system grown dominant. The third is the Jewish state of Israel, which will become the spark that ignites the final tinderbox, and the fourth is the Mahdi at the head of the Islamic nations. All of these players must all be studied from the perspective of God's plan in order to fully understand the Apocalypse.

The Apocalypse is the dividing point of God's plan for the universe. Satan's ruling influence over humanity began thousands of years ago. From the beginning it was predetermined to end during the Apocalypse. Our present generation will witness a spectacle of immense proportions when two gigantic titans battle it out in the universe. The fallout of this final conflict will fatally wound the earth.

The Apocalypse will end with a horrendous bombardment of asteroids causing earthquakes of unheard-of intensity. The final act of the Apocalypse will end with a mighty conflict of 200 million soldiers assembled in battle at a place called Armageddon. Then the Creator will redeem His creation from the destruction of the Evil One. Armies will be slain and evil spirits restrained in the dark bondage of the abyss so that the earth may experience God’s rule of love freely, unhindered by Satan’s lies.

After that last great battle we will experience the Golden Age of Peace and Justice when war is no longer taught and weapons are no longer manufactured. Jesus Christ will rule, and to society today, it would appear that He rules with an iron hand. Even though Satan and his cohorts will be locked away, humanity will still struggle to overcome human nature, which is a naturally inherited mixture of good and evil, but the government of all nations will be just as the earth’s environment is restored to balanced, bounteous beauty.

A Final Thought on Why there will be an Apocalypse

Over the last two thousand years the book of Revelation has been discussed by thousands of Bible scholars and theologians. When that event actually happens, the reality of it will be incomprehensible to us. Satan's domain and his evil influence will end on earth. This concept will take time to sink into our conscious thoughts of reality because it is against everything we have been taught.

Humanity is not, nor will we ever be, prepared for such revolutionary changes worldwide. The Apocalypse is not just a seven-year time of trouble for the world and purification for the faithful; it will be the end of Satan’s access to H eaven . . . forever.

There have been many books written about the Apocalypse, but mine are different. Pay attention! I cannot stress it enough. Satan's dominion over the affairs of humanity and this planet is going to end with the Apocalypse! It ends completely even though Satan is released once more, briefly, at the end of the thousand-year reign of Jesus on earth. Why? Because these seven years on earth called the Apocalypse also mark the final and complete end of any presence of Satan in Heaven!

What is about to come on the world is not just a little judgment because of a society’s sins. I will repeat it again because it is against the entire social and “scientific” education of all of us. The Apocalypse is not just a merely a seven year period of terrible trouble and distress for the world and a spiritual cleansing of the faithful. It is also the final and complete end of any presence of Satan in Heaven as well as the end of his dominion over humanity on earth!

The prophesied kingdom of Heaven does not exist today.It will start when the entire universe is cleansed from all evil by eliminating the fallen angels who rebelled with Satan. This has been the center of God's plan since the creation of Heaven. This is the point where the universe from the shadow side flips into the light side.

Zayin Age of strife and the sword will end! The kingdom that will come to earth will have a totally different civilization, never before experienced by humans. We cannot imagine what it will be like to live in a world where Satan cannot interfere in people’s affairs. The evil accumulated from so many centuries will finally come to an end. Jesus Christ’s prophecies are standing ready to be fulfilled in front of our very eyes.

To my knowledge no one has presented this truth in modern history, yet the Bible clearly states it. It is shameful that Christian scholars (both past and present) have not written books about this dramatic and complete change in civilization as it is the center of God’s plan for the universe. When desperation, pain and terrors become unbearable, the promises of God will be the only hope for humanity during this transformation of our corrupted creation.

Although it has cost me quite a bit (and not just in dollars) to warn my fellow human beings to take heed, listen and change their ways, I am thankful. I want everyone to know that the God of the Bible can be trusted. He will provide a means of surviving your journey through the burning tunnel. Now let’s look from the perspective of a space traveler who watches what unfolds on earth as history races through the tunnel of the Apocalypse into the wonderful future that awaits all peoples on the other side.

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