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An edited digest of Apocalypse Prophesied and Mystery of Tammuz 17


The last great global war is about to begin. The stage is being set up before our eyes.


The audience is rife with speculation, and they come to the production with their team colors already chosen, ready to cheer and certain of victory.


The main protagonists already stand partially hidden in the present mists of historic prophecy, their faces still unclear.


Who are they? What is their contention?


Have we already started this last war against the real terror that seeks to destroy humanity?


While the honest answer still remains yes and no, this short book will both surprise and enrage the audience because of erroneous preconceptions. The true enemies are just as present among and within them as on stage. Because they are still walking around earth at the time a great world leader offering moral hope rises to power, millions of Christians will not recognize him as Antichrist. He may seem as one of them, yet his charismatic appeal and apparent economic power will sway the rest of the world, too.

Crisis is quickly coming to western civilization. Besides the growing challenges from a moral and economic implosion from within, external competition for resources and regional security will escalate tensions from without. Sincere Muslim families struggling to survive in a rapidly changing world will be deceived by their leaders once again. Zealots for Allah who sacrifice all in a holy war against a deceptively greedy and morally corrupt culture thought to be Christian will also be duped. A hero proclaimed their Mahdi will say that he seeks to destroy the enemies of Allah. Instead, he will battle to take the global system over for himself. In fact, the common people will lose in the case of either champion’s victory.

Everyone, including Christians and Muslims, will be forced to take sides in the days ahead. The choices to be made will not be clear or rational. We will all be reeling from the ashes of warfare and face the smoky threat of terminal terror. Families will cry out for food amidst a worldwide economic panic caused by the massive impact of failed global financial policies. Most are and will continue to be blinded by the spiritual confusion of materialistic religions holding hands in rebellion against the Creator. With the increased intensity of the moment, no one will know who is on stage or the proper participatory role to play without a program.

This small book is your program. You did not come upon it by chance. Sit tight and read well. It could make a survival difference for you or for your children. Choose life and endure until the end. The promised rewards for the faithfully humble are great because the real victor has not yet entered the stage!

The End of Institutional Evil

The Kingdom of Darkness is the ultimate metaphysical institution of evil. During the great temptation by the devil, Jesus did not deny that Satan could make him the ruler of all the world's nations. Satan could make this offer because he is the god of this age/world. (Matthew 4:8-9) To one degree or another, Satan’s kingdom is responsible for every sin and evil committed, thus it must be eliminated for justice to be served and to fulfill God’s plan of preparing a heavenly kingdom of eternal beings on earth.

Satan’s dominion currently remains hidden from direct mortal perception, but that will not always be the case. How can people fight an enemy they cannot see? The Bible reveals Satan the devil’s many disguises and roles in the evils of this age, but most people remain blinded to the ultimate spiritual cause of humanity’s Institutional Evils.

Jesus returns soon to humanity’s dimension of space and time to materially reveal and remove institutional evil from the earth. His birth, life, death and resurrection nearly 2,000 years ago guaranteed the ultimate success of achieving those objectives as well as setting them into motion. Jesus’ life on earth as a Jew living under Roman domination spiritually revealed what is good, which automatically exposed evil and the evil one – just as light exposes darkness – to those graced with spiritual discernment. (John 3:19-21)

Jesus’ death and resurrection began the multidimensional process of mediating human identity transformation towards righteous love and joy by satisfying divine justice through his atoning shed blood. The shed blood of Jesus is the only mediating doorway through which the Holy Spirit can indwell a mortal person. Through faith, truly repentant people are promised the graceful gift of God’s Spirit of understanding truth and a growing inheritance of the Father’s immutable and immortal nature of love, which includes the inability to be tempted and sin. (James 1:13)

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What You will Learn:

  • From the beginning God planned a 7-year Apocalypse to save civilization form global tyranny and corruption including the restoration of the earth’s natural ecosystems
  • How natural science provides vital keys to understanding the Bible
  • That the Apocalypse probably starts with the destruction of New York City
  • Why any apparent resolution of Mideast Crisis will not last
  • What will happen on 21 December 2012 - a pivotal date in Bible prophecy as well as in the Aztec-Mayan calendar and Chinese Zodiac
  • Who Antichrist, the King of the South and the Mahdi are
  • Why God permits evil as well as when and how it will cease
  • About Satan, the fantastic beasts, the False Prophet, the Two Witnesses, 666, Antichrist’s Shock Troops and other mysteries from the Book of Revelation
  • How Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy accurately predicts Jesus’ first and second comings
  • How the Hebrew Alphabet Number System helps to sort out Bible Prophecy
  • About the judgment of Satan and the dawn of a new age of peace and justice

Christopher J. Patton created this short book by editing sections excerpted from two books written by Herbert R. Stollorz, Apocalypse Prophesied and Mystery of Tammuz 17. Some concepts mentioned or alluded to in these pages are expanded upon in those two books, which may be searched and read online at www.apocalypse2008-2015.com. You may read about the Hebrew Alphabet Number System, often referred to in these pages, in the Appendix titled, The Mystery of the Hebrew Language.

2012 and the End of Institutional Evil

The Last Days of Satan, Antichrist & the Mahdi


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Satan’s Judgment

The Origin and Purpose of Evil
The Significance of 666


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